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The firm was founded in 1991 in St. Petersburg, the most beautiful and European-looking city in Russia.

Radicon Ltd. has a qualified staff with experience in scientific instrumentation, especially in X-ray products and their applications. We develop and produce  remote-controlled mechanical systems for X-ray and optical applications as well as their separate components, X-ray detectors, complete X-ray diffractometers for material studies and industrial control, crystal X-ray monochromators and collimators, including channel-cuts crystals, X-ray software for data analysis and system control, etc. We specially develop or adapt any product to the individual customer requirements. Our prices are typically 50-60% of those for similar products on the world market and include 6-18 months of free guarantee service. We offer also upgrade, repair and service of X-ray equipment.


Radicon Ltd. exports many of its products. High quality and low prices enabled us to become a supplier of many famous scientific centers as well as OEM X-ray firms. Customer list includes LURE in Orsay, France; ESRF in Grenoble, France; BESSYin Berlin, Germany; Max-Plank Working Group at Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany; Synchrotron Trieste, Italy; CNRSM in Brindisi, Italy; CSIRO in Melbourne, Australia; Monash University in Melbourne, Australia; West-Australian University in Perth, Australia; EFG GmbH in Berlin, Germany; Marseille University, France; Tel-Aviv University, Israel; Scintag Inc. in Cupertino, USA (now ThermoARL, Ecubens, Switserland); Crystal Logic, Inc. in Los-Angeles, USA; University of South Carolina, USA; Inel, France; Telebras in Campinas, Brazil; Samsung Corporation, Korea; Institute of Microelectronics Technology in Chernogolovka, Russia; Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Russia, and many others.